TGB review template.xlsx (12.7 KB)
Exodus TGB review .xlsx (14.1 KB)

This is a document i made up after seeing a similar one Graham Sutherland showed me. Graham i dont know if you would be willing to share yours - it was much better than this!
Also added one we filled out already to give you an idea of how it works

Citizens Theatre Green Book - custom reporting - blank.xlsx (119.4 KB)

Hi folks. This is the document that Gemma mentioned that we developed at the Citz for the targeting and review process.

The idea is that we set out which bits of the green book we are targeting in which categories at the start of a project, and then review against the targets at the end. We might target some things at beginner level and others at intermediate or advanced, or some not at all. It’s a slightly more nuanced approach than saying, ‘this project is intermediate’ for example.

It includes a few checks for the odd thing that can be forgotten about as it is only in the text of the Theatre Green Book guidance. It also allows us to celebrate where we have had a partial success rather than just have to concede we didn’t hit target in a particular area.

This means we can be more ambitious where we are able to be and not to get too hung up on what we can’t achieve right now. It sets a target for the team that should be achievable and then let’s us review against that target at the end to see how we did and what lessons we can learn for next time.

Feel free to download it and adapt for your own means.

(It’s also got auto-formatting in green, amber and purple to make it look nice once you’ve filled it in which I think always helps!)